7 MUST HAVE makeup products you will obsess over (and I can't live without)...

I LOVE makeup.

Let me start off with the caveat that I never believed in spending money on makeup products. I always thought - why the HECK would someone pay $30 for mascara!? What a waste of money. I can get some badass stuff for $9. 

It wasn't long before I realized that I was doing a purchase from CVS almost every month, my products were drying out quickly and I was actually wondering - "what the heck am I putting on my face?" 

Let's be real, I am all about the eye makeup - I literally can't leave the house without mascara and some winged eyeliner. Honestly, sometimes that's all I wear. I've always been the girl that's super extra with her liner and I'm totally okay with that. 

I spent years trying to find the right type of liner that would stay all day and mascara that would make my lashes look bomb. I tried everything -  drug store products, designer products and everything in between. It's not that it didn't look good - it just wasn't "it." 

After much trial and error - I found the products I'm beyond obsessing over and use almost daily. I can say honestly that they are worth every penny and I can't live without them.  

As I get older, I've learned quality vs quantity and I am so excited to share the years of research to find these products that will totally have you obsessing, too. :) Don't take my word for it - I've included the links below so you can try it out for yourself! 

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Powder Blush
by Chanel

Why I love it: 

First of all - it smells SO good. I literally didn't even know blush had a fragrance but this one is on point. 

It's super smooth, looks so natural to the skin and is the perfect color. Plus, it lasts FOREVER. I've had this one for over four months and it barely looks used.  

Makeup Essentials-22.jpg
Makeup Essentials-23.jpg

2. High Definition Concealer
by Smashbox

Why I love it: 

It is the perfect blend and hides the bags under my eyes like a dream. I also use it on zits and blotching on my face and it doesn't leave caking or residue behind. It's a perfect compliment to my NARS foundation below. 

Makeup Essentials-19.jpg
Makeup Essentials-18.jpg

3. Velvet Matte Foundation Stick
from Nars

Why I love it: 

One side is the foundation, and the other is a sponge. I travel a lot, so it's super easy to throw in my makeup bag and have everything I need. I actually didn't think I would like a foundation stick but I love it because it's less messy and I can highlight certain aspects of my face that need a little more love. The sponge blends easily and sometimes I also use a foundation brush to blend a little deeper. 

I also love the variety of shades that NARS has. My skin is olive but I can tan super easy - so I chose a shade a little darker but it also allows my skin to look flawless. 

Makeup Essentials-16.jpg
Makeup Essentials-17.jpg

4. Translucent Press Setting Powder
by Laura Mercier

Why I love it: 

I didn't want a powder with any color because I already use a bronzer BUT I wanted something to make my look feel polished. This translucent powder makes me look complete all the time and is super light with a hint of shine. 

Makeup Essentials-13.jpg
Makeup Essentials-15.jpg

5. Addict It-Lash Mascara
by Dior

Why I love it: 

Everyone is always asking me if my eyelashes are fake. NO BOO, they real. ;) I've tried so many different mascaras and for some reason they all used to leave residue on my eyelid because my lashes are naturally long and it used to drive me mad. I also found some mascaras made my eyelashes cakey as well. It - lash makes my eyelashes look like extensions and doesn't make each lash stick together. It is SO good. 

Makeup Essentials-12.jpg
Makeup Essentials-14.jpg

6. Shadow Insurance Anti - Crease Primer
by Too Faced

Why I love it: 

It's SO smooth and I even use it sometimes on my cheeks for blush to stay in place. It captures whatever shadow blends I use and it doesn't crease throughout the day or change the color of the shadow I put on top. It's a game changer. 

Makeup Essentials-20 (1).jpg
Makeup Essentials-21.jpg

7. Tattoo Liner
by Kat Von D

Why I love it: 

I CANNOT say enough how obsessed I am with this liner. It wings perfectly every time and stays ALL day. In the past, I've used liners that have faded or were easily removed. The tattoo liner is the most durable liner I've ever used and even after a long, crazy day - it looks exactly the same. I also am obsessed with Kat's everlasting liquid lipstick.  

Makeup Essentials-6.jpg