Marriage Tattoos.


I've always wanted a tattoo. I actually thought for a while I wanted a sleeve! I believed my first tattoo would be of some significance in my life but I was never quite sure what I wanted. It's permanent and well, painful, so I wasn't playing around with that. LOL

Since I love Jesus, I naturally spent some time reading up on tattoos and what the Bible says about them. There was really nothing I could find in the New Testament and I always believed my decisions have been guided by peace "...And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." - Phil 4:7. I felt peace.

That being said, I wanted my first tattoo to be with the love of my life, Frankie. For me, it wasn't about looking cool or being spontaneous, it was about sharing this moment with my hubby - and what a better time than spending a couple days on a getaway in Savannah, Georgia. 

Since we met, BALANCE was our word. Frankie and I have always struggled with balance but also believed strongly in it. I remember one of our first dates, Frankie introduced me a song by Pete Philly & Perquisite's called, Balance. It became one of our relationship anthems. We also believed that more than anything - we balanced out each-other. I am a fiery Italian, quick at making decisions and struggle with anxiety. I tend to lean more on the logical side than the sensitive one. I've always been a risk taker and believed no great thing was done without a challenge.  Frankie has the kindest, most caring heart out of anyone I know and is hesitant to make decisions because he thinks everything through. Sometimes it keeps me in check and sometimes it causes him not to do anything at all. 

Fast forward to Wednesday morning - we woke up and I was like "let's cancel" (my spontaneous side and my anxiety side were fighting) and all Frankie could say was "you better decide now because we don't want to ruin his opportunity to schedule another client". See where our personalities come in here? 

Anyway, I got out of bed, washed my face and said: "Let's do this" (Something you will hear from me quite often). We got ready, packed up and headed to Savannah Ink Tattoo.

Peter, our tattoo artist was from Germany and totally cool and straight to the point. I told him it was my first tattoo and was freaking out a little bit. He basically told me to chill out - that it was a baby tattoo and I would be fine. I knew he knew what he was talking about and could handle my craziness. ;)

To be honest, I think the thing I was most scared about is that I had no idea what it was going to be like. I'm a planner - remember? So, for all you who haven't gotten a tattoo, I'll tell you how it is. For those of you that have gotten more than a baby tattoo, you probably think I am ridiculous. Whatever, it's my truth. ;) 

Here's the deal - when you arrive, they confirm they have your design and either sketch it or type it up with a font on the computer. From there, they print it out, make sure you like the size and the font/ design and then put it on a printer which is basically a temporary tattoo. Then, they make sure you confirm the spelling is accurate and put it in the location that you want. You have your final moment to say yes or no and then it's game time. You sit on a chair, they get all of their tools right and then it just begins. 

Okay, so real talk.  The worst part of getting a tattoo is the buzzing noise. I hate it. I told Frankie that if I ever got another tattoo, I would wear headphones and blare rock music. It hurts, but not worse than a Brazilian wax (you ladies know what I mean). ;) 

My tattoo says "Heart over Mind" and Frankie's is "Courage over Fear". Reason being - I think too much and make judgment calls and don't always use my heart. Frankie always uses his heart and isn't quick to be offended or make decisions. He is very fearful of making decisions and of a lot of things in his life but I have enough courage for both of us. 

We decided this was the best ying / yang + balance we could imagine. 

Frankie said he felt closer to me after this experience. I weirdly feel the same thing too. I regret nothing and am excited to have this experience with my best friend and partner in life. 

Here's to cliche marriage tattoos.

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