Seattle Anniversary Date | Top 10 Locations to Visit in Seattle

I love to travel. I'm totally sick as I write this post - probably because of the weather an altitude change from our travels last week. Ugh. 

Anyway, last week we were able to spend a few days in Seattle for a photography workshop I was coordinating. Frankie and I have never been to Seattle but it has been one of those locations that we've always talked about visiting!

It is our anniversary in two weeks so we figured we would take it early and spend some much-needed quality time together. I can't believe it is our six-year wedding anniversary this year! <3

P.S. I almost always use Priceline Express Deals for my hotels. I always find great deals and great experiences (I'm a bougie hotel guest). haha We stayed at Renaissance Seattle and it was awesome.

Since the event was Tuesday and Wednesday, we made a list of everything we wanted to do on Monday. Let me tell you - we had so much fun and I am beyond excited to share our top 10 places we visited! Truth be told, I can't even believe we got to as much of our list as we did. We flew in on Monday morning, were out all day and then went bar hopping on Tuesday night. 

So...if you want to know our Top 10 must go places in Seattle that we were obsessed with, here you go! 

1. Pike Place

OH MY GOSH. This place had so many places to eat, drink and shop we could have spent an entire day here! There were walls upon walls of floral (that looked AMAZING- the weather was perfect "flower" weather- not like the humidity we have here in Florida), sock puppets stands (for some reason - it was a thing there!?), wine tastings and even a magic shop. There were restaurants and food everywhere - including one of the most amazing Italian restaurants which I'll tell you about later. ;) 

unnamed (2).jpg

2. The First Starbucks

The line for this Starbucks was insane. We actually got pretty lucky and didn't have to wait too long but they even had staff outside to manage the crowds.  Pike Place Special Reserve is only sold at this Starbucks so I, of course, had to have it in my caramel latte (one of my favorite coffees btw!) and Frankie in his Chai Tea. 


3. The Great Gum Wall

This was one of the coolest yet grossest places I've ever been. When we were taking this photo, I was low key praying the gum wouldn't fall on our heads - LOL! I have no idea what the story is behind this place - but someone told us that they just power washed it clean last year and people already have filled it with gum again! Way to be people, way to be.

unnamed (3).jpg

4. Seattle Great Wheel

Since we have a wheel like this in Orlando, we didn't ride on it but we walked around. If I can be honest, I'm a little afraid of heights.

Around the wheel, there were some restaurants, a 3D ride and a carousel inside with some arcade games. Frankie and I competed (I won - yay!) Did I mention that I am competitive? We also took some time to walk around the pier and soak it all in.


5. Top Pot Doughnuts

This place is so freaking good. They have tons of doughnuts and flavors and the shop is adorable as well! It reminds me of a library. I am a total glaze doughnut girl and Frankie loves anything out of the box like raspberry filling - LOL. I also couldn't say no to a delicious glass of apple cider. OMG. It reminded me of home. 


6. The Pink Door

So..I am insanely picky about my Italian food but this place was INSANE. So freaking good. Frankie and I were just talking today about how we were craving it. We realized on our trip that there weren't a lot of signs in Seattle. That being said - The Pink Door didn't have a sign either. It's literally - a pink door. The place is so cute and has a ton of vintage and Italian elements. They were booked for dinner for two weeks straight so we had lunch instead. They also have aerial dancers on Mondays in their front restaurant space. I had their Bolognese and Frankie had the Spaghetti and Italian Sausage. FREAKING YUM.


7. The Space Needle

The Needle was undergoing renovations but we were able to walk up to the needle and hang out in the area. Unfortunately, we were going to get our tickets to go up but it would have been a three-hour wait and I am impatient so we didn't. lol It's such a landmark so it was awesome to just see it up close. It honestly wasn't as pretty as I thought it was going to be though. ;) 

8. Unicorn

I remember reading about this bar on a travel article last year and thought it would be SO cool to visit. It's way extra and over the top but I loved hanging out with Frankie there anyway. There is an arcade at Narwall downstairs - so I grabbed my "Unicorn Jizz" drink and we competed in some arcade games while Drag Queen Bingo was happening in the background. LOL!  I wasn't crazy about the drinks - so I would have just got my usual but...when in Rome (or Seattle). ;)  

unnamed (1).jpg

9. Chop Suey 

If Frankie and I lived in Seattle this would be a place we would hang out ALL of the time. We were planning on going Monday night but we were beyond exhausted - after a 6-hour flight and walking all over Seattle the entire day we called it a night. Tuesday, we bar hopped and stopped in and stumbled upon an amazing band called Triathlon. We are all about live music venues and this place was so much fun.  

10. Needle and Thread 

I'm laughing as I type this because Frankie and I totally broke into a speakeasy. We were searching for the entry to Needle and Thread and stumbled upon a random door. As we walked up the stairs we figured we were in the right place. As we walked up to the bar - the bartenders kept looking at us - then looking at his phone. He says "I didn't hear my phone ring. How did you guys get up here?" Come to find out - we came through the exit door - whoops.

Anyway, this place was super cool vibes and they don't have a drink menu. They ask you what you like to drink and make you a drink from scratch. It was amazing. 

We truly loved our Seattle experience and would totally go back. It was cold but the food was good all around (we also went to a few other restaurants like Wild Ginger and Ramen Danbo) and really enjoyed ALL of the coffee. ;) 

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