My Top 5 Fave Local Places in Audubon Park

When my Brand Coordinator / Friend / Photographer, Anna, and I were chatting about a location for my next shoot - we were trying to think of a cute local location with photo-worthy spots! I had a Saturday off (which as a wedding planner is TOTALLY rare) so we decided to start with East End Market and explore from there! Some of the locations I'm going to share about were new for me but now I'm obsessed! It's such a cute area that's perfect to bring friends from out of town, have a date night or even just hang out alone. I would love to hear your feedback if you have been to any of these amazing places! 

1. East End Market

I love this place so much! I always have to go in and grab a coffee at Lineage and it's SO good. There are also a few local boutique shops and restaurants inside. You can also buy a succulent or two from Porch Therapy before you leave or even get custom made leather goods from a local vendor. There is also a cute outdoor space that you can spend time catching up with friends or drinking your very delicious coffee (like I do). ;) 


2. Park Ave Cds

The musician in me goes crazy when I walk into this store! I actually played here once when I was in my band, One31, and it brings back so many memories. It's a record and CD store that carries both old and new music and also has some of the new records available for easy listening! Behind the cashier, there is a board of local concerts in the area so you don't miss out on your favorite artists coming into town. ;) They also have other fun goodies like artist merch, funny cards and souvineers. 


3. Palmer's Garden & Goods

This was the first time I had been to Palmer's but now I'm obsessed! It's an adorable nursery full of floral, plants and all kinds of knick-knacks. It's such a relaxing walk through the store and they pretty much have any type of floral or foliage known to man. If you are looking to spruce up your house a little - this is the place!


4. Domu

Oh my gosh. You have to get the wings! So freaking good. Anna and I grabbed brunch here but she said that the line is normally out the door so I felt lucky that I got to sneak in for some food and photos. ;) They are known for their ramen and delicious drinks. I'm definitely all about it now and would totally wait in line for the deliciousness for dinner soon! 


5. P is for Pie Bake Shop

So my first experience with P is for Pie was at one of my weddings. They provided all of the desserts including little mini pies and pies on sticks! It was a hit and I've been obsessed with their desserts ever since! I was so excited that we had a few minutes to hop in and grab some desserts. After eating at Domu, this is the perfect place to go after! ;) 


I love to share good places with people - so this is a start! <3 More to come!