Writing a bio about yourself is hard. 

Let's see... I always need coffee and wine. I also don't really know what sleep is - I am totally a workaholic. 

Okay, for real though. I'm a Michigan girl and also the oldest of seven kids. Once I realized that Michigan had literally nothing to offer for me (especially since I wanted to be a musician, or an actress or a model), I moved to Florida for college right before my 20th Birthday.

I've always loved writing music. I started as a classical pianist, singing and songwriting and then started a rock band.

I am a crazy dreamer, go getter, hustling boss babe. I own a company called Runway - we specialize in wedding planning, floral and styling. I also am married to the best man ever - Frankie - who is also my hairstylist (lucky - huh?) ;). I'm real and honest (sometimes to a fault) but I love hard. I am always thinking of a new way to do something and how I can do things better.

Ready? Let's do this. 


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Frankie and I met 10 years ago in a coffee shop and about a week later, I went to see his band play at a local bar called Tanquerays. Yes, at that point in life - we were two starving artists that found our two common denominators - love of coffee and music. From there, we started hanging out, writing music and then he couldn't stop hanging out with me. ;) He proposed two years in, and this year, we celebrate 10 years together. I love this man with all of my heart. He supports me, cares for me and always keeps me laughing.