Staying Organized in 2018

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Yes, I'm one of those people who's minds go a million miles a minute. I'm always thinking of the next big thing, next priority on my to-do list and someone else's feelings (#realtalk). 

I realized I would only be able to accomplish my big dreams if I stayed focused and organized and gave myself REALISTIC expectations. Granted, even though I feel like my brain can handle insane amounts of information - I'm still human. LOL

For years, I struggled to find the best way that I keep myself organized. I've missed deadlines, disappointed people and put myself in a state of panic from not having a PLAN. Everyone is different in the way their brain works and what gives you sanity - but you just have to figure it out. Sometimes it's trial and error - sometimes it's a lightbulb moment - but if it's not working for you, fix it.  

I realized I'm a pen and paper gal. Anyone with me? I am digital with my overall Google calendar and appointments so my team can keep updated and I can send calendar invites to my clients. I realized that my personal to-do list had to be on paper because I easily got distracted and there is nothing better than the feeling of checking something off. I never used to feel fulfilled - like I accomplished something - until I wrote it down and checked it off. Let's be real, sometimes I even write things down and check it off as I'm doing it so I feel better about myself HAHA (...don't tell me you've never done this!). 

I'm obsessed with the Day Designer. I've spent years looking for a planner that had enough spaces and check marks for my to-do lists. Early last year, I stumbled on the Day Designer and I was hooked. I used to get bored of a planner and go through 3-4 a year but never found one that could handle my 5,000 tasks per day. I also love that at the top it has your "Today's Top Three" - so you can handle the big tasks first (honestly, the ones you don't want to do because the pressure is so overwhelming).

BUT - that's me. I very rarely stand still, I always find something to do - and if you think I'm the girl who can just veg and Netflix and chill you are wrong. I CAN'T. I wish (and I am sure my Hubby wishes I could too) but I'm probably just thinking of what's next or maybe even how I can redesign my living room... ;). 

So as I am sure it is for any entrepreneur - the word of my life is literally BALANCE (which I also talk about in marriage tattoos). I'm a workaholic and literally always coming up with a new idea. I'm one of those weird ones who is half a creative and half a type A personality. My team is never surprised when I all the sudden stop what I'm saying and say "OMG, I have an idea!". I'm sure they roll their eyes but they totally go with it. #loveyoubabes

I think it's in most people's nature to easily be distracted. I find the next best thing to work on that distracts me from my now. Then, I realize some of my priorities didn't get accomplished. THEN, I feel defeated. 

I constantly get asked "how the heck do you do all of these things and why are you adding more on your plate"? Honestly, it's because I have the will to be the best I can be and use every moment to my advantage. I'm also not that person who is okay with just being average. If I can be better - if I can do better, I will. 

I have a few tips for the creative entrepreneur (or anyone, really!) to stay organized. It's the beginning of another amazing new year, so it's the best time to get started.


Especially if it's a date with your boo. Although work can get in your way and you can be in the "zone" with another project - remember balance. Don't sacrifice your personal life - which is always the balance to your sanity. I've realized one of the biggest most important thing in growing a successful business is keeping your word. 


This is how I stay organized with my follow-ups or emails that I sent and am waiting for a response. I also put promised dates (whether to my team, clients or a lead) so I can again - keep my word. 


When I first started Runway, I told myself I was going to get an office 3 years in and I got it in two. I said I was going to double my team in 2018 and I did. Speak life into what you are doing - if you don't believe in it, no one else will either. 

4. GIVE YOURSELF GOALS (and write them down!). 

Life is nothing without goals - personal or professional. I gave myself 10 main goals last year and I accomplished 8 of them. I feel like that's pretty freaking good. It makes me feel motivated, makes me feel alive. If I wouldn't have given myself goals and WRITTEN THEM DOWN, I wouldn't know what I had truly accomplished. 


Yes, those tasks that are looming above you, causing major freakouts (if you don't know which ones these are - they are the ones that are the ones you are dreading with every ounce of your being). If you can accomplish those three tasks, you can takeover the world. #promise


So...there you have it. I'll be posting more about different tips and tricks to my failures and successes in being a #bossbabe and my biggest hope is that it helps you, too. Rome wasn't built in a day - and your to do list wasn't either.


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