My Productivity Playlist

Whether I am setting up for a wedding or working at my office, I always have some sort of music playing. If there is nothing playing in the background- it feels strange, incomplete. 

Just being completely honest, I'm listening to music as I write this (and also my washer and dryer - because well, #multitasking). 

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard at some point that music makes a huge difference in your productivity and affects your brain in some pretty cool ways. When I was growing up, my parents had me practice piano for 30 minutes every day because they said it helped me get better grades. ;) I was homeschooled so I really don't know for sure - but I'm going to say that it did. HAHA! 

I always believed that music is a huge part of success. 

So, anyways - yada yada.... I just want to share my productivity playlist with you. I have two secrets. One is a music focus app that I use to keep myself - well, focused. The second is that my husband is the BEST at creating playlists and always sends me new artists to listen to. 

The game-changing music app is called (which was referred to me by one of our Runway Boss Babes, Giana) and it is SO awesome! It's free and it's music specifically intended to increase productivity and focus. Tell me how I sat for 6 hours straight this weekend at one of my fave local coffee shops - Vespr-  and stayed focused because of the app. #winning.

When I'm not listening to, I'm listening to one of my Hubby's KILLER playlists. He has multiple playlists dedicated to me (which I think is the most romantic thing since 2000's mixtapes - yay for technology) and I would love to share some of the music that I am addicted to.  If you haven't heard of some of these artists - they will change your life. It's chill background music but with some good groves that keep you entertained. I pay a monthly subscription to Apple Music to keep me on point with the tunesssss. <3 

Little Bit  - Lykke Li
All In the Value - Honne
Alright - Jordan Rakei
In the Midst of It All - Tom Misch
Camelblues - Mndsgn
Lovebug - Beya Likhari
Down For You - Ta- ku
Skipping Stones - Gallant
Late Night - GoldLink

If you haven't heard of some of these artists...they will change your life. Annnnd if I'm feeling super reckless and want to listen to a full are my go tos:

Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake
After Laughter - Paramore
Where the Light Shines Through - Switchfoot
Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly
Worship - Caleb and Kelsey 

Now, here's to giving you some new ideas and create your own productivity playlist to help you focus and be even more of a boss. ;)

Until next Mondayyyyy! 

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