The Scariest Part of Risk Taking

I’ve always been a risk taker. 

I’ve never been scared to lose something by taking a risk. I'm the first one to say "I love it, let's do it and we will figure out how to get there". It drives my husband crazy sometimes - but I will attribute part of my success in business to the ability to take risks and believe in what that risk is.

Believe it or not - I was never a gambler, though. I guess I’ve always believed in gambling on myself. ;) 

So pure and honest moment here - the scariest part of risk-taking for me is the fear of letting someone else down. In the past, I have taken risks BECAUSE of someone not because my gut was telling me it was the right decision or because I prayed about it. 

Let me explain...I care too much about other people sometimes. Not really what they think but more about how my actions will produce reactions for them.

I’ve let many decisions affect other people and not myself - and I have truly regretted those decisions EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I believe there is a balance. Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish - to make decisions for yourself but not dragging others through the dirt on your way. There is a part of decision making (and risk-taking) that you do have to think about how it will affect others. Again, but balance. 

Let me give you some examples. 

Eleven years ago, I packed up with $700 in my bank account and moved from Michigan to Florida. I enrolled at Full Sail University but had no job, an apartment I shared with 3 other people and only about a suitcase worth of clothes. Two years later, I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and got my first job out of college paying $40,000 a year. 

I never thought I wanted to get married. Six years ago, I married one of the kindest, most loving and genuine people I knew. Frankie, babe, I love you. 

Four years ago, we bought our very first home. The down payment took every cent we had in our bank account but we knew the payoff of owning would be greater. 

3 1/2 years ago, I took a risk and quit my full-time well-paying job to start my company, Runway Events. I’ve never looked back and regretted it. It hasn’t been easy, granted - I’ve had to work my ass off and make so many sacrifices but the reward is amazing.

I sacrificed all of my savings to buy out a vintage furniture company and start our rental/styling portion of Runway called The Runway Collection.

Earlier this year, I took a risk and launched our floral line, Runway Botanical. 

Every risk is not free. Every risk involves sacrifices. Every risk is an investment personally or professionally. 

Risk sometimes means that you start over.
Risk sometimes means you fail.
...but without risk, you can’t change. You can’t move forward, you can’t be the better you that you’ve always wanted to be.

My goals for my risks (I'm such a planner - LOL!) this year to make decisions on what’s best for me, my business and my family and not what’s best or more convenient for others. 

So...I challenge you - be smart about your risks and do think how it will affect those around you...but even more think about how it will affect you and your family and if it will bring you closer to your goals or further away. Don't be afraid of opportunity, don't be afraid to fail. I believe in BELIEF. You can take all of the risks you want but unless you BELIEVE they will succeed, they won't. 

You got this - you are a badass.